Teacher of the Year

Santa Rosa Education Foundation administers the Florida Department of Education-Macy’s Teacher of the Year Program for the Santa Rosa School District. This program celebrates the contributions of classroom teachers who demonstrate a superior capacity to inspire a love of learning in students of all backgrounds and abilities. Since its inception in 1988, the program continues to be a prestigious honor drawing participation from Florida’s 72 public school districts and other institutions.

2016 Santa Rosa Teacher of the Year

Karen Burch
Dixon Primary

Congratulations Ms. Burch!

2016 Finalists


Sheila Crissey
Russell Elementary


Roxanna Ford
Navarre High

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2016 Semi-Finalists

AshleyKestersonHall ScottErickson
Ashely Kesterson Hall
Holley-Navarre Middle
Scott Erickson
Milton High


2016 Nominees

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Past Recipients

1971 to 2016 Santa Rosa Teachers of the Year

2017 Santa Rosa Teacher of the Year Nominees

Nominee Information

Additional information for nominees can be found here.