The Drop Out Crisis

Low-income and minority children face insurmountable obstacles that make finishing high school difficult and going to college almost impossible. Nearly half of Florida’s children living in poverty are minorities, and are being raised in environments that put them at risk for falling victim to the dangerous cycles of substance abuse, violence and gang activity. Often times these children are overlooked and under served. They do not have the resources offered to their peers from higher socioeconomic levels to complete their education. Take Stock in Children is committed to solving the drop-out crisis in Florida.

Our objective is to ensure that students graduate from high school with the knowledge and skills they need to complete their post-secondary education and to successfully enter the work force.

Opportunity For All

Take Stock in Children is active in over 800 schools throughout the State of Florida. Students are selected between the 6th and 9th grades, many from minority families, and must meet our low-income and at-risk guidelines. Students are selected in their local communities by highly engaged committees that are comprised of education and civic leaders, as well as corporate sponsors. Take Stock in Children partners with community education foundations, community colleges and school districts throughout the State of Florida to deliver our program services to students.