At the moment a student commits to our program, the student has been matched to mentor, a plan is in place for their success, and a scholarship has been purchased on their behalf.

4-year college tuition scholarships are purchased for our students in the form of a Florida Prepaid College Savings Plan through the Florida Prepaid College Foundation.  Money is raised locally in order to purchase scholarships and subsequently sponsor a student.  Every dollar donated to our program is doubled through a matching grant by the Florida Prepaid Foundation.

A donation to our organization is more than the purchase of college tuition.  The purchase of a scholarship sponsors a student for entry into our program where he/she will receive the benefits of a mentor, a college readiness coach, resources and tools to thrive in high school and make the successful transition to college and beyond.

Every donation made to our organization makes a difference in the life of one of our students.  Donations can be made in any increment and combined to purchase one scholarship, or full student sponsorships are available.  Donations can be made by cash, check or even stock transfer.  Please contact us for additional information.

Thank you to our Charter Guardians!

Tom & Marye Kate Aldridge Trust

Capital Trust Agency, Inc.

Phil Crain and Wanda Campbell

GEO Group Foundation

Nathan Gupta & Christine Cahill

Nicholas Gupta

NextEra Energy Foundation

Michael and Jo-Ann Price

Donation Tiers

Charter Guardian $10,000

Platinum Sponsor $8,500

Gold Sponsor $5,000

Silver Sponsor $2,500

Bronze Sponsor $1,000