Little Red Schoolhouse

Little Red Schoolhouse Teacher Supply Depots are a joint project of the GFWC Milton Woman’s Club and Santa Rosa Education Foundation. Through our two Little Red Schoolhouse locations, teachers have access to free school supplies, as well as motivational and instructional materials to place in the hands of Santa Rosa students.

All full-time Santa Rosa Public School Teachers have $40 in credit to spend at The Little Red Schoolhouse each school year. Credit does not roll forward from year to year. Our LRS volunteers must see school district identification, such as a nametag, at checkout as proof of employment.

Little Red Schoolhouse locations are opened for shopping as inventory allows.  This page will be updated and an email sent to all Santa Rosa School District teachers when the locations are well stocked and ready to open.

Donations range from reams of paper, notebooks, and pencils to costumes, aquariums, and Easter grass. If you or your business would like to donate supplies to our Little Red Schoolhouse Supply Depots, please visit our contact page to email or call.  We will happily pick up any donations that could be used by our teachers!

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Little Red Schoolhouse South

5839 Gulf Breeze Parkway
(behind the South Santa Rosa Administrative Center just east of The Zoo)

Little Red Schoolhouse North

5908 Stewart Street
(next to King Middle School – south side)